Services and Events

This weekend there will be a service of Evening Prayer held at St Katharine’s Church at 6pm, 5th July. 

The service will be taken by The Rev Michael McHugh with service sheets provided for congregants to take home and re-use.

Unfortunately, as per government guidelines there will not be any singing. We ask anyone attending to observe social distancing at all times, although families/ households will be able to share a pew. 

Please follow any directions given, such as use of hand sanitiser. 

All pew cushions have been put away, so you may wish to bring your own! 

NB Doors will be left open during the service to help fresh air circulate inside the building.

The Zoom services will continue at 11am every Sunday.

A service of Morning Prayer will be held at the new time of 9am on Sunday 19th July. 

Standard Pattern of Services

(Temporarily on Hold)

Our normal pattern of services is as shown below. Please see the services information on this site which will show any changes from the normal pattern. For those months which include a 5th Sunday, a Sunday service is held either at St Katharine’s or at one of the nearby Team churches. Usually at least one of our services each month will be a lay-led service.

1st Sunday
6 pm Evensong (BCP)
2nd Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (CW)
3rd Sunday
9:30 am Matins (BCP)
4th Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (BCP)
5th Sunday
9.30 am Cluster Service (Usually CW)

(BCP – Book of Common Prayer)      (CW – Common Worship)

Parish Lunch

Every first Monday of the month, St Katharine’s hosts a parish lunch in the church to which everyone is welcome

Special Services & Events

Ascension Day – Thursday 21st May at 8.00pm

Online service to celebrate Ascension Day – follow along using the link below: