Services and Events

Standard Pattern of Services

Our normal pattern of services is as shown below. Please see the services information on this site which will show any changes from the normal pattern. For those months which include a 5th Sunday, a Sunday service is held either at St Katharine’s or at one of the nearby Team churches. Usually at least one of our services each month will be a lay-led service.

1st Sunday
6 pm Evening Worship (BCP)
2nd Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (CW)
3rd Sunday
9 am Morning Worship (BCP)
4th Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (BCP)
5th Sunday
9 am Cluster Service (Usually CW)

(BCP – Book of Common Prayer)      (CW – Common Worship)

Easter Services

Palm Sunday  28th March at 9.30 am  

Michael will bless the Palm Crosses and give a talk outside, after which everyone walks inside and Alix Booth will take Matins

(NB The clocks go forward on that Sunday morning.)

Good Friday 2nd April at 2pm    

Our traditional  ‘An Hour at the Cross’.  This may be clergy or lay led

Easter Day 4th April at 9.00am   

A service of Holy Communion taken by The Rev. Ann Massey.  This service will be inside the church as fewer numbers are likely at 9am.